Using $compile to compile HTML strings in Angular

Say you want to bind a string to an element in Angular. No real problem, you just use expressions or ngBind.
If the string contains HTML that you want to parse, you can use ngSanitize.
But what if your HTML string contains a button that has an ng-click directive included in it? This won't work automatically, you'll need to use $compile.

So what is this compile service? According to the Angular docs:

Compiles an HTML string or DOM into a template and produces a template function, which can then be used to link scope and the template together.

So lets

AngularJS intellisense in Visual Studio 2012

As a .Net developer Visual Studio is my greatest power. This robust, adaptable and powerful IDE provides everything I could possibly need.
But with upcoming new JavaScript technologies like Node and Single Page Applications, it sometimes falls short. It's not that Visual Studio is bad for creating JavaScript applications, but it could do better.
AngularJS intellisense support is a good example of a missing feature, as it is neither included in the Visual Studio core or in the Web Essentials extension.

AngularJS intellisense

Fortunately, Visual Studio is highly adaptable. You can hack the AngularJS intellisense support in yourself!
There are

Log JavaScript client side events in your server side logs

As JavaScript applications grow larger over time, the need for better development practices grow with them. The time that we were just hacking jQuery scripts is long gone. And, since JavaScript based application continue to get a greater share in enterprise applications, we are also in need for better of methods of tracing, logging and debugging bugs.

So, how do we do the most basic of JavaScript logging?
We use the console:

console.log('Something happened !');

You probably use tools like toastr or blackbird (or something else ?) to aid you in your development process. But most of the time

Moving onto web performance - Network

I watched Nik Molnar give his presentation over at Techorama on Full Stack Web Performance, which I loved, and which inspired me to write a quick blog post about some of the topics he touched myself.

It is not my intention to re-write Nik's talk. If you're interested, take a look at his demo and presentation here. Or better yet, go listen to one of his talks yourself. I doubt you'll regret it.
For me, he was among the best speakers at Techorama. Check out this great blog post about another session he gave, Introducing Nonacat (Guerilla Hacking an Extra

Techorama 2014

Techorama header

So, my company, Team4Talent, sent me and my colleagues to Techorama last week. Techorama is a new developer conference in Belgium, created by 3 community-driven technical guys.

Let me start by saying kudos to all the people that helped make Techorama a reality. Organising an event of this magnitude is all but easy, so congratulations!

I have lots of different approaches I use to master new technologies. And while I really do enjoy it, attending conferences is not one of them. Don't get me wrong. It's always nice to see what is raging in the IT world and I love

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